The latest generation algebra calculator for iOS

iCalcline The latest generation algebra calculator for iOS
Current Release
RELEASE 1.2.3 (Feb. 13, 2019)
Requires iOS:
iOS 9
Optimized for:
iOS 14
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iCalcline is analgebra calculator for iOS. It can solve math expression with any level of parenthesis and functions

It can use a table of variables, constant and assign results to values on the fly It manages a table with variables values, using the table values you can write equations as in 'y=x+1' with the 'x' value contained in the table and iCalcline will assign to 'y' the resulting value. In case the y variable was not present when you typed 'y=x+1', a 'y' variable is created for you with a correct value assigned! You can create, manipulate, delete and use how many variables you like inside the app tapping on the variable table.


• Evaluates mathematical expressions with parentheses, nested functions, variables and constants • Easy to use • The user simply inserts an expression and iCalcline displays the result • Variable creation and reference inside expressions are very easy using an interactive list.


  • Manages any nested level of parentheses using the correct precedence
  • Check your expression syntax in advance signaling errors
  • Switch between small stripe / large window
  • Offers buttons for fast introduction of any literal values available in the tables (variables) and functions.
  • Can change on the fly calculation precision (up to 9 decimals thanks to use of long double calculation)
  • Manages unlimited numbers of variables you like in the table.
  • Uses decimal separator in accordance with your local settings
  • Full log of executed calculations
  • Optional step by step solving showing all the mathematical passages in the log.
  • Retains values over successive re-launch
  • Buttons for fast introduction of variables and functions
  • DEG and RAD calculation for trigonometric functions
  • Based on a custom fast calculation engine and used also on macOS in Calcline and TS Calc (available on the Mac App Store).
  • Uses long double calculation (High precision with up to 9 decimal digit precision)
  • Help included


  • sqrt
  • cbrt
  • sin
  • cos
  • tan
  • asin
  • acos
  • atan
  • sinh
  • cosh
  • tanh
  • asinh
  • acosh
  • atanh
  • log
  • log10
  • exp,
  • exp2
  • expm1
  • abs
  • ceil
  • floor
  • pow
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