Store Financial Splitter One-click to import, and one click to calculate the 5 invoices to Apple for the App Store monthly sales
Current Release
RELEASE 1.1.1 (Feb. 6, 2023)
Requires macOS:
macOS 10.13 or successive
Optimized for:
macOS 13 Ventura
The same User Guide that is available inside the application

On the App Store
Get from APPLE the 'App Store Version'

Streamline your App Store financial reporting with Store Financial Splitter.
One-click import, automatic split calculation in the 5 invoices, fast and accurate results.

As you know, every month you receive a financial report for your app sales, which needs to be divided among different agents or commissionaires based on the region of sale. (Reed the Apple agreement regarding paid applications)

This process can be time-consuming and error-prone, especially if you need to create invoices for each entity.

That's where Store Financial Splitter comes in!
With just one click, you can import your monthly financial report CSV file and have the split amounts automatically calculated for you.
No more manual calculations or wasting time double-checking your work.

Store Financial Splitter processes your monthly financial report and assigns the proceeds to the correct entities, giving you the 5 subtotal amounts you need for the mandatory invoices. The application is easy to use and provides fast and correct results. You can trust that the split of the total in the 5 amounts will always be accurate.

Not only does Store Financial Splitter save you time, but it also helps you stay compliant with the latest tax requirements.
Our application is updated regularly to ensure you have the most up-to-date information, country by country.

In conclusion, if you want to streamline your financial reporting process and reduce the risk of errors, try Store Financial Splitter today.
It's simple, fast, and error-free.
Make your financial reporting process stress-free and get back to doing what you do best - creating amazing apps

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