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Password Repository
The password manager for macOS and iOS


4.3.2 (CURRENT)
March 26, 2024
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved User Guide
  • Optimized for macOS 14 Sonoma

June 16, 2022
  • Bug fix
  • Minor interface improvements
  • Optimization

Aug. 2, 2021
  • Improved graphics
  • Improved layout
  • Improved stability
  • Preferences improvements
  • Bug fixes

March 31, 2021
  • Optimized for macOS 11 Big Sur
  • Universal format for Apple silicon and Intel-based Mac
  • Bug fix

July 24, 2019
  • More export formats
  • Improved export layout
  • Bug fixes

Dec. 7, 2018
  • Bug fixes
  • Optimized for macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Perfectly compatible with both Light Appearance Mode and Dark Appearance Mode under macOS 10.14 Mojave and successive

July 18, 2018
  • Bug fix: 'Password Pull' icon in menu bar was not correctly visible using 'Dark menu bar' system option

June 28, 2018
  • New data fields 'PIN' and 'Security question and answer'
  • Copy feedback via HUD to inform of successful copy of data in clipboard via click commands
  • Improved sort order of tables using also case non sensitive localized Search terms can be saved
  • Improved sorting and filtering algorithms
  • More clean layout
  • Improved commands to copy data
  • Improved push and pull
  • More customizable table values
  • Better data compatibility with the iOS version for iPhone and iPad

April 3, 2016
  • Solved a nasty bug causing problem editing the 'name' field only under particular circumstance and on some Mac types

April 2, 2016
  • Bug fix: Name field not editable
  • Improved Autolock feature
  • Bug fix: problems locking a document just converted from a very old release using blowfish as encryption method

March 31, 2016
  • Improved and bug fix in layout
  • Category Column can be hided
  • Improved password dialog
  • Bug fix opening of previously hidden/show toolbar
  • Bug fix of cursor not placed inside search editor at startup
  • Bug fix effecting changing setting category name
  • Optimized for OS X 10.11 El Capitan

April 24, 2014
  • Interface and layout changes and improvements
  • Improved lock and auto lock features
  • Enhanced copy password form menubar time
  • Create passwords now with disambiguator functionalities (it avoids ambiguous similar chars)
  • Improved unlock presentation windows (toolbar is not hidden anymore)
  • The import function now has the ability to auto-detect the file encode format (solved problems with files coming from MS Excel)
  • New file encode formats for text file to import, 9 accepted formats such as (UTF8, ASCII, UTF16, UTF32, OLD MAC OS 9) and others
  • Now can import using also CSV-S format (Comma Separated Values using Semicolon) often used by Excel and other MS products
  • Now export has no problems with notes with newlines inside (they are auto removed during export)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Improved stability

Dec. 19, 2013
  • Bug fix: Was set dirty opening a new document, even without resizing the windows
  • Bug fix: revert to previous saved version didn't work
  • Bug fix: closing with 'Revert Changes' didn't work

Nov. 20, 2013
  • Improved Import / Export functionalities
  • Resolved a bug regarding autosaving
  • Resolved some problems under OS X 10.9
  • Other bug fixes
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