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Buy from a Reseller
1 You buy using one of our resellers (Gumroard, MyCommerce, Paddle or others)
2 After purchase you receive from the reseller the email with your transaction.
At the same time we are notified of your purchase and we send to you via email your license code (this last step requires a human intervention, so it can takes some hours)
3 When you receive the email we sent to you with your license, please select from the application menu of the application you licensed , the 'License...' command and insert it (with copy and paste), inside the License Dialog.
Additional info:
Downloads are available for free from our site.
When you upgrade an already licensed app, it is not necessary to reinsert your license. The license is keep for you on your Mac and it still works over release upgrades.
Buy from the App Store
1 Standard as any purchase from the App Store:
You buy and automatically have the app installed on your machine/device.
The app is already licensed and fully enabled.
Additional info:
In case you have previously installed the same app downloading it from here, delete it from your Application folder before purchasing from the store or the store will indicate you already own the app, even if you have on your hard disk an unlicensed version for trial purpose.
In any case the App Store allows you to download the app any time you need as long as you remove the old version from the Application folder.

You will receive in any case the same assistance from us for any problems related to the use of the app regardless from whom you purchased.
See our support page for details.

The reseller, is in charge of any problem regarding the payment, transaction, your credit card processing, invoices and any other administrative related matter.
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